AI Transformation – The Journey Begins

Organizations are rapidly shifting to the AI frontier to be a successful and fierce competitor. Our experts have successfully designed, developed, and deployed AI, Machine Learning and Deep Learning solutions in various industries. We have helped numerous clients with their AI journey. Taking a step towards complete AI transformation of your business is not an easy task but with our professional devotion, we will strategically guide you to success! Adopting AI for business transformation can offer numerous benefits:

  • Enhance internal process efficacy
  • Enable informed decision making
  • Improve external procedures
  • Effective human and technical resources allocation
  • Create pathways for new products and solutions


In your AI Transformation Journey, we can assist you with:

AI Strategy Development

AI Strategy comprises of numerous essential dynamics that include

  • Aligning with the Business Strategy (In some cases Business Strategy needs to be reviewed)
  • Identifying the AI Priorities and Data Strategy
  • Mitigating the Technological Issues, Skills Capacity
  • Ethical, Legal and Regulatory Issues
  • AI Implementation
  • Change Management Concerns


AI Vendor Selection

With numerous AI vendors available in the market it can be cumbersome to take a decision for choosing the right solution for your organization’s needs. Our vendor scrutiny process digs out the right selection that matches your requirement. We can assist you with

  • Exploring Vendors: a comprehensive overview and analysis of the various open-source, out of the box AI solutions, tools, and APIs available in the market that can satisfy the clients’ requirements.
  • Vendor Client Analysis: among the various vendors in the market, not all speak the truth. Case studies and press releases can be fake and often misleading. We perform a deep study of the AI Vendors’ clients to ensure the authenticity and validity of their AI solution.
  • Requirement and Budget Compliant: a poor understanding of the client’s business needs and budgetary requirements can lead to the wrong choice of an AI solution. However, we will carefully match and align the business goals and budget of the client with the AI vendor so that an affordable and optimum solution can be implemented.


AI Maturity Review

Working with a vast variety of industries has made it clearly evident that various organizations are at different stages of their AI Maturity. You can easily divide these stages into:

  • Foundation: this is the very initial stage where the company is trying to answer questions, about their data, their departments, their business, and their approach.
  • Aspiration: at this point, the company has implemented AI in half of their business and certain departments are taking advantage of the automated intelligent predictions, stats and forecasts
  • Mature: clearly at this stage, the organization has successfully implemented and benefit from an AI strategy and venturing into dimensions for further accelerating their business growth with AI.

No matter the maturity level of your organization we have proven strategies to help a company start, advance and sustain in their AI journey.


AI Readiness Assessment

Organizations are investigating the AI platform to fulfill their needs or to advance in their AI journey. Image Processing, Data Visualizations, or Natural Language processing are gaining their attention. Any company that performs its own AI Readiness assessment will end up with a biased and incomplete picture.

Our experts have worked closely with various industries like manufacturing, healthcare, telecom, and banking to provide them with comprehensive AI Readiness report with real-time stats, figures and scenarios. This helps the organization in taking the right step at the right time.


Execute ML/AI Pilot Projects

Implementation of full-scaled AI projects can be extremely costly and time-consuming. Due to this fact, many organizations just do not wish to take the first step. However, our team can help you in starting your AI journey by carefully designing, developing and executing pilot projects for your organization. These pilot executions can help feel the power of AI at a small scale and understand the real problem in the business. Using this information a detailed roadmap can be devised for the organization’s AI Journey.